Currently, Pre Registrations for Kuizr are open and same can be done at:

Each institution has to get their own online examination system developed to conduct online tests with fixed features and types of questions. Although they provide simplicity in development but they don’t provide the freedom. Users have to work according to the system. But with Kuizr, system will work according to the user.

Online examinations are picking up the momentum in countries like India but there isn’t a common platform to provide facility of online examination. Kuizr breaks the barrier and provides an extensive platform for the same.  With Kuizr, user is able to create their own network of users and classify them into different groups. This allows a quiz to be provided to only a section of connected users and prevent from misuse of the quiz.

For example, a college forms a network of its students. It can further classify them in groups according to their classes. This would help quiz maker to provide quiz to required people.

Online pattern of examinations will not only make it easier and less expensive for humans but it will impact environment in a positive way as it will save trees from being cut down to make paper.

Managing the results, statistics and complex calculations will no more be a headache as efficient algorithm in Kuizr handles this thing flawlessly.

As this point of time, we cannot reveal a lot about Kuizr as it is still is development phase. We are seeing a release at the end of 2012 or in early 2013.

Till then, pre registrations are open and you can get yourself registered to get some additional perks, surprises and updates as well.


Well, Kuizr is still in development phase and pre Registrations are already open (since 11.11.11). But who said that we can’t bring you some exclusive inside screen shots of the Kuizr. We bring you some very secret screenshots.

User Profile View

User Profile View

This is a regular Kuizr’s user profile. After successful registration, a user can fill out various details in Kuizr, which is important from a potential employer’s point of view. After successfully completing a Quiz on Kuizr, Quiz Maker will be notified about your success and will be invited to view your profile. The person/institution/organization behind that quiz will look at you in depth profile to judge you as a potential employee. We don’t say that Kuizr is a Job Website but as far as common sense is concerned, quizzes come mostly in educational field. That also includes your own college and school giving out quizzes to you. Your school or college would like to see the ‘extra’ factor in you which would make you stand above the other’s in your batch. Our recommendation, fill out most of your profile completely and correctly, not to face any heart-break afterwards. Just a tip, fill a lot of things in ‘Still Learning’ field as this gives a positive impression on the Quiz Maker.

Kuizr’s Soul: KuiZone

Kuizr’s Soul: KuiZone

Here is a screenshot of Kuizr’s soul. We call it soul because, this is the system inside Kuizr which fires breathe in the whole system. The soul is named as ‘KuiZone’. This especially designed zone is dedicated to create Quizzes and Question Banks. Also, KuiZone lets you broadcast your quiz into other networks created by you. Trust us, the User Experience is great and even a person with a basic understanding of English language can create a beautiful quiz with all the features. Also, an in-house Help Guide will be released that will guide various users to get through initial understanding of the architecture and create various kinds of quizzes. We have worked and researched a lot to come out with a simplest User Interface that can do most complex Quiz Creation. The whole play can be finished in few clicks. The loveliest feature of KuiZone is that it lets you use the previous Questions too. So, you don’t need to write them again. Just drag and drop them in your new quiz, and you are done! Sounds magical? Well, pre register yourself to witness the magic first among your friends.